VNTS is an indigenous organization founded on the premise that Africa is capable of manufacturing intelligent and ground-breaking innovative products

Our company prides herself in offering Nigeria and Africa cutting edge bespoke IT solutions that proffer seamless alternatives to daily technological needs for organizational and home users.

The company’s long term goals are the development, deployment and management of Enterprise Solutions for all sectors of the economy. The VNTS Company Limited is a duly registered indigenous entity registered in compliance with the CAC directive for the formation of Nigerian companies.

Core Thinking

A “Solution Perspective” is the core thinking behind VNTS’s approach. Owing to that rationale, last-Inch Internet connectivity access being the core foundation of our value proposition and expansion strategy is the initial area we have decided to tackle. Following on from that, we are poised to develop our offerings by conceptualizing and implementing projects right from basic user requirements down to intelligent solutions.


To provide homes, businesses and organizations innovative IT products and solutions which offer optimum value for money, strategically proffering well-conceived solutions to pertinent problems. At VNTS we envision an ‘e-functional’ African region through the integration of our products and services whilst contributing to the growth of Africa’s globally competitive self-sustaining economy.


To become Africa’s leading provider of globally competitive technological innovations.

Where We Started

Since its founding, VNTS took pride in its humble beginnings by starting from a small business venture developing e-commerce web applications and providing IT support services to expanding its range of services to Infrastructure Deployment, Enterprise Solutions, Managed Services and Product Development.

With the ever increasing popularity of Mobile devices promoting the emergence of “data-grab”, the booming e-Commerce landscape that has recently catalysed economic growth and the desire for people to stay connected to the internet, has presented VNTS with unique opportunity to provide end-to-end solutions that fully address users’ needs using their existing infrastructure with the most minimal amount of deployment inconvenience.

VNTS principal mission is to act as a catalyst for Nigeria and Africa’s Technological and Economic growth. To achieve this, we will offer organizations and homes exciting, pioneering, cost effective and efficient solutions and services which will foster productivity, save time and holistically facilitate the positioning of the country as a global inventive and innovative IT player. Further to this, VNTS has set out a roadmap for investing in People, Research and Development, processes and continuous expansion.

Where We Are Now

To this effect, after much painstaking research and development we have begun our foray in the area of Product Development around Last-Inch Internet Connectivity Solutions. In order to achieve this, the underlying principle of our solution portfolio and core business objective is to: Utilize existing infrastructure in deploying Intelligent Solutions to our clients.

This fundamental principle proposes little or no infrastructural deployment or defacing, significant cost reductions, guarantees maximum effective coverage, saves time and most of all provides the convenience of deploying complimentary services alongside internet access. Using the experience we gain, our goal is to perfect different solutions around this technology, standardize this method of network deployment and gradually influence a sizable portion of Africa’s developing infrastructural landscape.