In Premise Networking for Residential, Corporate, Hospitality, Educational and Industrial Locations

NetPremise® is designed to effectively transmit data at speeds of up to 200Mbps across premises’ electrical cabling over a range of 300metres and wirelessly at rates of up to 150Mbps in the 802.11n mode.



WAN Service Deployment

NetPremise® as a Core Router for ISP’s delivers a unique value proposition and uncompromised user experience over any connection. NetPremise’s WAN capabilities enable direct internet access whilst acting as a Data Traffic Extender ensuring maximum effective coverage throughout users’ premises without compromise in signal and data quality. We call it an “All-in-One” Solution.




Backbone for Wired and Wireless Extender

In extender mode, NetPremise® serves as a very efficient device for extending internet connectivity. Its “dummy mode” allows for connecting multiple extenders in your premises as much as needed even in the occurrence of ever-increasing amounts of data traffic. It also allows for connectivity & routing via IP addressing offering complete solutions ranging…




Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) and TV Over IP (IPTV)

When deployed in a corporate or commercial establishment, NetPremise® conveniently allows for varying TV and Voice over IP applications. The CCK and OFDM modulation schemes allow for superb noise filtering ensuring quality sounds and pictures are carried over the network and delivered through the device.



Video Surveillance

Security conscious individuals can utilize NetPremise® to ease deployment of IP Camera infrastructure. Owing to the fact that NetPremise® has the ability not only to transmit data using existing electrical cabling up to a range of 300meters but also efficiently receiving it at high-speeds offers a seamless solution to deploy and manage IP Camera infrastructure.



Shared Broadband Internet Access

NetPremise® guarantees shared broadband connections by allowing multiple computers gain high-speed Internet access. Instead of purchasing a single wireless broadband router with the limitations of walls diminishing the signals, you can use NetPremise® with its carrying capacity of up to 200Mbps




Virtual Private Network Deployment

Since NetPremise® utilizes existing electrical cabling for data transmission, users seeking to segment and secure network access can create VPN’s in their organizations can take advantage of its numerous features to creatively, efficiently and securely deploy Virtual Private Networks in their organizations.




Premise Automation

This is an interesting application of NetPremise® in terms of premise automation solutions. Since NetPremise® can transmit signals across electrical cabling, and send it wirelessly or through the wired Ethernet ports on the device; it offers immense potential for enabling the futuristic concept of controlling highly sophisticated home automation systems that operate off a simple hub.



High Definition (HD) and Standard Definition (SD) Video Distribution

At impeccable speeds of up to 200Mbps NetPremise® delivers more than the required data transfer rates for fantastic HD Streaming experience! The two dedicated 10/100 Ethernet Ports on the device also offer you the option of multiple connectivity uses for the device so you can enjoy other applications of the device.



Online Gaming

Whether using NetPremise® as a DTE or as a Core ISP Router, High speeds offer the gaming enthusiast uninterrupted and unparalleled connectivity to the internet for a superb gaming experience!