How It Works



Residential Usage

As illustrated here, NetPremise® is simply used as a Data Traffic Extender (DTE) to transmit data at speeds of up to 200Mbps over a range of 300meters through the electrical wiring already available in your premises for effective coverage of your home and a fantastic internet experience.

Corporate Usage

NetPremise® is seen here used in combination with a Power Ethernet® Socket. The Power Ethernet socket is effective at using your existing electrical cabling to provide an easy and cost-effective method of network deployment or extension – particularly in organizations where the culture is strictly the use of wired connections; it seamlessly connects all office equipments with minimal compromise in signal and data quality and as there is no need of installing any new structural data cable it minimizes business disruption, downtime and offers significant cost savings.

Commercial Usage – Hotel

NetPremise® is seen here transmitting high speed data through the electrical cables already available in a commercial establishment and sending it out wirelessly. This effectively makes any network deployment or extension easy and cost-effective; and as there is no need of installing any new structural data cable it offers you the opportunity of maintaining the beauty and aesthetics of your premises whilst ensuring great user experience.

Industrial Usage

Since electric cables are running through existing public infrastructure, we see that as a unique opportunity to have “Smart Infrastructure”. This is a situation where data can be communicated across remotely to aid monitoring, management and deployment of complimentary services. We envision this solution will be vital to the The Manufacturing Sector, Government, Law Enforcement and other institutions in the Public Sector to enhance the objectives of a developing economy whilst improving public infrastructure.


This edition of NetPremise® can also be used both as a Core ISP Router for direct internet access and also as a Data Traffic Extender ensuring maximum effective coverage throughout your premises without compromise in signal and data quality. This is a particularly attractive device aimed at ISP’s providing a better value proposition to prospective clients. VNTS calls it an “All-in-One” Solution!