VNTS Company Introduction

The VNTS Company Limited is an IT Products and Solutions company that manufactures its own innovative IT Devices, develops platforms and provides solutions to individual and enterprise clients. We offer a range of services which includes internet connectivity and coverage solutions, product development, web platform development and business continuity solutions.

NetPremise Introduction

NetPremise is your solution for internet connectivity and coverage problems. Bigger buildings usually have situations where internet signals are better when you are close to your router but gets weaker the further away from the router you are. Sometimes signals do not reach various parts of the building, creating Wi-Fi blind spots. This is as a result of signals being obstructed by the walls in that building. The common solution is to buy more routers and install networking cables all over the building. These are expensive solutions.

With NetPremise you don’t need to spend money on extra routers or cables. It simply uses your already existing electricity wiring in the building to transmit internet. Just attach one to your router and plug it to the wall. Take the next one to wherever you are experiencing low network and the signals will improve immediately. This is because there are no obstructions since internet signals are being transmitted through the walls using already existing electrical wiring.

NetPremise Applications


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