Why all the indicators are off?

Why is the Ethernet indicator off?

Note: In Hybrid Router mode, when plugged to the WAN Port the Ethernet indicator is on with Internet access. In Hybrid Extender mode, the Ethernet indicator is on when the router is connected to a network cable.

Why the configuration web page cannot be accessed?

Follow the steps below to check the connection between the computer and the router. On your computer,Click Start > Run and enter ping command ping (the IP address of the NetPremise® Data Traffic Extender).

If you fail to access the NetPremise® Data Traffic Extender wireless router, check the following settings:

  • The network cable type.
  • The connection between your router and the computer (Wireless or Wired).
  • TCP/IP settings of your PC/Device.
  • Try using a network cable to connect to the Router and under “Wireless Setup” check if the “Enable Wireless Interface” checkbox is ticked.

How to restore the default settings after wrong configuration

Press the WPS/Data/Reset push-button, hold for more than 10 seconds, and then release it. The NetPremise® Data Traffic Extender wireless router will be restored to the factory default settings.

The default configuration of the router:

IP address:
Subnet Mask:
Web Username and Password: admin/admin